Automate Project Status based on Task Status

Hi There.

I was looking at the Airtable Automations. I can how to automate a record to update however is there a way to update on certain conditional logic?

I have two bases. One for Projects and one for Tasks.

Once all tasks associated with a project are marked as complete I want the Project Status to automatically mark as completed as well.

Any ideas around the best way to tackle this. When I setup the initial automation as soon as it found one task as complete the project was marked as complete even if other tasks were still with the status in progress.

Is there a reason you prefer to do this with an Automation, as opposed to a regular old formula?

Add to your [Projects] table a Rollup using ARRAYUNIQUE(values) on the {Status} field from the [Tasks] table, then make the [Projects] table’s {Project Status} field a formula like so: IF({Name of Rollup field} = "completed", "completed", "in progress").

If you must use an Automation for whatever reason, go ahead and still add the Rollup field as described above, and simply set the Automation to run on [Projects] records when the {Rollup field} = “completed”.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks I will try a roll up formula. Didn’t think about that to start.