Automate sending an event invite (or attached.ics file) when record created and collaborators addded

Use case:

  • Within an table (called ‘Meetings’) user creates a new record (i.e. a meeting)
  • User adds date/time, text description, attendees (collaborator field), videoconference link (link field), etc.
  • Automation sends a invite to each attendees email address (from collaborator field) as an email with .ics attached or alternatively as an MS Outlook Invite.
  • NB. this is not the same as much of the functionality which just creates a record in a user’s calendar - as this doesn’t provide sufficient notification/visibility to the attendee that they’ve been added to a meeting. They need to receive an email - which can then create an event in their calendar.

I can send an email from a record easily, but making this an invite/event or adding an ics had eluded me. Any suggestions welcome?