Automate to find record by record ID + link existing records


I am trying to create an automation that would take a new record in my Table 2, and find the respective record in Table 1 and link the two together. For example:

  1. In table 2, I have a new record, John Smith, that has been added.
  2. In table 1, I should have a record, John Smith, with a different set of data.
  3. I want to make sure that in Table 2, John Smith is a linked field from Table 1, to connect the Table 1 data to Table 2 data without manually having to do this each time.

I was referencing this article, but the struggle I’m hitting is that the “find record” action is never the same. It is all variable to what the Table 2 record ID is and then it should find the equivalent in Table 1.

Do i need to use a script to find record that matches the table 1 record in table 2? I’ve never used scripts before within automations, so help would be appreciated!
Any ideas?

For your “Find Records” action, click on the tiny little gear to the right of the find condition, and you can setup a “dynamic” find.

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I completely missed that little gear icon. Thank you!!

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