Automated charts?

Hello, is it possible to create automated graphs/charts in Airtable, for a specific group of records, and have charts automatically generated and sent to an individual, on a regularly scheduled basis, either as a secure dashboard or PDF/image. While we’re able to manually do this using custom views and blocks, we need it automated. Curious if automation can be done with existing features and/or dev scripting.

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Welcome to the community, @MIGHTY_Menopause! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable’s built-in features don’t include many automation options, especially when it comes to blocks. In fact, I’m not aware of any automation options for blocks. I don’t think that Airtable’s API options can tie into blocks either. You can only operate on record data via the API. However, I don’t use the API myself, so I welcome correction from API-savvy users on that front.

The only option I can think if is to use either integration (Zapier/Integromat/???) or a custom API solution to extract data from Airtable, create a chart using a third-party tool, then send that chart to your desired audience.

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Hi Justin, thanks much for the reply and pointer. We currently use Zapier and will look into the third-party chart angle. By chance, do you have any preferred data-visualization tools? (Ideally no/low-code)

I don’t currently have experience with data visualization tools myself. Anyone else able to offer suggestions?

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