Automated CSV export via API?

Hi Valentin!

For know this is only available for my clients. Like I said earlier…

If I ever have a solution for the ‘general public’ I’ll let you guys now.

Meanwhile, something like might be a solution?



I’d be willing to build a custom connector to zapier, integromat, workato, etc that did a bulk export. Assuming you already use one of these integration platforms you could then push it anywhere. Let me know if someone would be interesting in sponsoring such a project. (

Would you mind sharing this tool with me as well? Thank you!

Hey @Tuur, I don’t if it is possible but I would love to have access to such script. It would be very useful for my upcoming project!

Hi @Tuur, would it be possible to run a daily CSV export for one of the bases through something like Zapier?

I suspect you could do a Google sheet export with one of those…

Maybe has more advanced features. @Julian_Kirkness can probably tell us something about that. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tuur, I took a look at integromat and there doesn’t really seem to be anything in terms of a daily csv report. I created a free acount and there are some triggers but those are in relation to records being updated in a view. Actions also don’t seem to have an option to download “.csv”. If @Julian_Kirkness has any insight that he could provide, it would be really appreciated.

That’s a shame…

If you’re really stuck I can help you with a (paid for) custom solution. Just send me a PM and I’ll be glad to help you.

Hi there, @Tuur. I’d be interested in that solution. Can you PM me, so I can learn more?

I can’t speak to its accuracy, but there is a php routine for generating CSVs via the API available on codegists.

Hey all, if you’re finding this thread while looking for “normal backups” as Tuur was referencing earlier in the thread, we’ve built a way to do external backups for Airtable automatically to address the need directly.

So if that kind of backups are a priority for you, check out the show and tell here: How to set up automatic external backups for Airtable in 20 minutes

Hope that helps!

Hi @Tuur! I’m looking for a similar solution, but it’s not for backups. I need to export a CSV from AirTable in order to pass data into another program (Vantage) which is not supported by Zapier. Do you have any tips?


Tuur, could you also share it with me please? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

@Tuur interested too!

Hi there @Tuur, I’d really like to access this as well. Can you hook me up? Thanks!

I have a page here - which I use for downloading CSV files. Are you looking for the same thing via API?

@Tuur Could I i please have access to the script you wrote for auto exporting CSVs? It would be immensely helpful!

Hi @Tuur please can I go for it too? I have been wrestling with Zapier into Zoho / Excel and its just too much of a workaround compared what I can see being discussed here…
Would be forever grateful - Thanks

@Tuur - can you send me the export script you’ve written. Thanks!

@Tuur can I get access to the script as well, please?