Automated datetime capturing triggered by field value change

I have 2 tables: Tasks (contains Name and Status of the task) and History (contains Task name and Completion date). When I change the task status (in Tasks table) I want the record to be added to History table with the Task Name and current datetime as Completion date.

How can I implement that with Airtable. If it is not possible or to complicated - maybe you can suggest any easier way to automaticaly save somewhere the datetime of the moment when I changed some field value.

Hi - my recommendation would be to not have two tables for tasks, but a single table. You can have two views on this - current tasks (i.e. not “completed”) and history tasks (i.e. “completed”). You can also add a last modified field to look at changes in the status field. Presumably, once a task is complete there are no further status changes to it, so last modified date could act as the completed date:


Just in case you didn’t notice - there is a great feature that allows you to check a single cell modification, it was just implemented and will only work on records created from 5/19 forward - be sure to read the documentation as there are also string query workarounds that you will most likely need to implement - essentially it is a filtered version of the “last modified” function (which you should use a function if you want to query cell as a string).
Airtable is awesome :slight_smile:

Great ! Thank you! The questions solved.