Automatic bidirectional linked records in same table


Is there a way when linking Record A to Record B that Record B can automatically be linked back to Record A?

Self-linking tables (and lookup/rollup/count fields)
Self-linking tables (and lookup/rollup/count fields)

Works that way by default.


Then I must have it turned off because it’s not working for me. Is there a setting somewhere I can check?



Cross-linking is automatic. Check if the field is “hidden” (Hide fields).




Looks like it is working as intended in your video. The records are linked.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish?


In this table I have linked the polish Ursula to the polish Jafar (in the same table) using the Others in Collection field. When you look at the Jafar card, it does not link back to Ursula. I want each individual polish in a collection, to link to every other individual polish in that collection. But I don’t want to have to do it by hand.


I see, in the same table the link is not bidirectional. Could you have a Collection table to relate those polishes?


I have a collection table with the name of the collection and all of the polishes in that collection, some of which I do not have.
Is there a way to make links in the same table bidirectional?


Very glad to see same-table Rollups, but the bidirectional linking is crucial to maximize the feature. Please prioritize this!