Automatic bidirectional linked records in same table

YES PLEASE. I’m using the Product Launch template, which has the “Blocked by” field, and when a task is complete, it would be great to have an automatically generated “Blocker for” field, a list of tasks blocked by that task, so I can move on to working on those.


The simple solution here would be to add a simple switch to allow bi-directional linking on self-linking linked record fields. For example, let’s say I have an Inventory table and a Packed With linked record field pointing to the same Inventory table, I’d like a toggle switch in the linked record field’s options to allow bi-directional linking (it’s a major pain to have to go to both records and add these in manually!!!). There are many clear use cases to allow users to choose how the linked record field should behave on self-linking linked record fields.


Any update here? @Katherine_Duh

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bidirectional linking in obe table is also wanted here

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Darn, I was wanting a way to link referred customers to each other without having to have two separate tables. This needs to be a thing!

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I’m adding my vote here. I’m assigning issues to user stories which are stored in the same table, but I can’t see which issues belong to a story.


Would be better to have Stories and Issues tables, not?

Often, issues and stories need to be prioritised against each other. Also, an issue can sometimes turn into a story when reviewing them with the team. For these reasons, I have them in one table.

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Adding my voice to the masses too. This feature would be amazing for my lightweight CRM.

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Really need this too!

Adding my vote too :exclamation:Notion has this.

I really need this too! In my “individual’s” tab I’m trying to link parents to children. No they can’t be separate tabs or it will screw up attendance and several other tabs. Please oh please allow this!! It’s literally doubling the workload



Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed. Still don’t know why it’s not a toggle in Airtable

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Essential for program and technical management. We have lots of parent-child relationships, and “traceability” forward and backward is essential.

Would love to see this added. I’m building a glossary and need to cross-link related terms to each other. There is no parent/child. Terms are just “related” and adding the link from either term should make it visible in both.

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Just adding a +1 from me, too. As plenty of others have mentioned, this is especially useful in tracking blocking issues.

Here’s a specific use case, as I use one base to track various software in my company and the integrations they provide via a same-table Linked Record field. So, if say I add an Integration between Airtable and Zapier, I ALWAYS want this to be a bi-directional linkage, so that Airtable also gets added to the Integrations field in the Zapier record.

Basically, I want a simple switch here akin to “Make Link Bidirectional” when I’m adding a Linked Record field within the same table.


I also need this. I’m trying to make an easy way to match students with their friends within groups. If I say Student 1 is friends with Student 2, I don’t want to have to say it again in the Student 2 record,.

+1 would love to see this. We’re structuring web applications and want to have “this section includes” then list the sub-sections. We then want each of the subsections to have “included in” automatically. There isn’t any inherent hierarchy, and we have modular inclusion, so there is no logical way to have some in one table and others in another.