Automatic bidirectional linked records in same table

I’m adding my vote here. I’m assigning issues to user stories which are stored in the same table, but I can’t see which issues belong to a story.

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Would be better to have Stories and Issues tables, not?

Often, issues and stories need to be prioritised against each other. Also, an issue can sometimes turn into a story when reviewing them with the team. For these reasons, I have them in one table.

Adding my voice to the masses too. This feature would be amazing for my lightweight CRM.

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Really need this too!

Adding my vote too :exclamation:Notion has this.

I really need this too! In my “individual’s” tab I’m trying to link parents to children. No they can’t be separate tabs or it will screw up attendance and several other tabs. Please oh please allow this!! It’s literally doubling the workload


Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed. Still don’t know why it’s not a toggle in Airtable