Automatic bidirectional linked records in same table

@Jim_May: This already exists in Airtable, assuming that your vendors, customers, and jobs are each in separate tables. If you’re not seeing the backlink fields, then it’s hidden under “hide fields”.

If, in Cat A’s record, I list Cat B in the Sibling field, I want Cat A to be automatically added to the sibling field of Cat B’s record. This can’t be automated?

Wow. This important feature has been requested for at least 3 years now…


Adding my vote… I hit this on day one of trying to use airtable for task management.

Notion can do this. Hope AirTable adds this soon. Or, perhaps they should be the same app?

Please add this feature soon…

I completely 100% agree that this is a major missing feature from Airtable, and that Airtable needs to add this feature as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a custom JavaScript that will do this for you:


It can be automated, but you have to write script or find one and adapt it to your needs, and then you have to either constantly run it manually or set it to an automation (both require a Pro account) and you’ll be limited by quotas.

PS… still hoping this happens.

Adding my vote!

I was really under the impression that this was already implemented! :frowning:

The way to vote is by commenting?
this will be super useful feature.