Automatic document creation and sharing from Airtable records

Ideally what I’d like is for the “page designer” block to have the ability to share its output automatically with different recipients who don’t have Airtable accounts themselves. I have a large base that is used to process reports that come in from forms. Each record is an individual report, which I can build into printable pdf using the page designer. But the only way to share these is to download each individual pdf and then send it by email. I would like to be able to automate this process, i.e. once a report is complete, the document generated by the page designer is automatically shared with a given recipient. Is this possible through Zapier, or any other platform? I’ve looked at a few google sheets add ons but I’m not sure they’re what I’m after. Thank you in advance for your advice! :slight_smile:

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Your best bet for this is probably to integrate your Airtable database with (by using Zapier as the middleman).

WebMerge can automatically generate your customized PDF documents for you, email each document to the appropriate recipient, and then you can even place a copy of those PDF files back into your Airtable database for long-term storage in the appropriate records.

p.s. If you try this but it ends up feeling like it’s too complex for you to tackle on your own, feel free to send me a private message… I am a freelance Airtable consultant! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jonathan_Bradshaw - Advanced Reporting is a Service we offer (and have ability to send out on scheduled basis)

Feel free to reach out at to learn more

Thanks Scott - I’ve been looking at Webmerge; it does the job I want it to do but it’s quite expensive considering the quantity of documents I’d need to process (around 500 per month). I need for every new record in a view to trigger the creation of a pdf document that would then be emailed automatically to a given recipient (also determined from data within the base). I’ve looked at google sheets and some add ons that can be added to that that would achieve the same output, but I’m concerned about google’s data protection policies. The data is sensitive personal data and I need it to be secure end-to-end, such that only the intended recipient can ever access it. Airtable data protection policies are much more robust in this regard I think.