Automatic integration of company logo


Let’s say i have a field named “company name” and a field named “logo”.
I want to create a field that automatically display the corporate logo of the company.

i don’t want to do this manually having to search for the URL of each corporate logo.

example: if i put “airtable” in a new entry, this will automatically display the corporate logo of airtable in the “logo” field

possible hints: zapier?
need something simple & elegant if possible :wink:



You could use Airtable’s new SWITCH function.

You would need to create a new field called “Logo URL” and make it a formula field.
The formula would be something like.

SWITCH({company name},“Company A”,“URL Of Company A’s Logo”,“Company B”,"URL Of Company B’s Logo ",“No Match”)

After that create a simple Zap to fetch the URL from the “Logo URL” field and populate the corresponding “Logo” field with the correct company logo image