Automatic linking field in one Table to another Table

Hello, I am want to link one table to another table according to their Id which is come from a Formula field, Is it possible to link record automatically according to Formula field ID,
here is my table for testing purpose.

“Thank You in Advance”.

Welcome to the community, @mohit_majumdar! :smiley: Sorry to see that this has gone so long without an answer.

I can’t see your table (probably because you were a new community member at the time you posted, and new members don’t have link posting privileges yet), but long story short, formulas cannot automatically build links. Links must be made manually. If you build the ID using a formula, though, you can copy the ID from the formula field into a link field and Airtable will build the link. Another option is to use an integration service like Zapier or Integromat to do the copying for you if it’s not terribly time-sensitive.