Automatic new created record after clicking in any field (below last record)

Hi All,

On my PC I have observed the following behaviour.

  1. We I want to creat a new record I can either a. click on the ±sign, b. right mouse click and choose for Insert record.
  2. Use
    All well

When I click (accidently) on any field below the last record automatically a new blank record is created with a new line number

  1. Clinking in any field below the last genuie record
  2. New blank record is created

By user errors a lot of blank and meaningless records arethus created. At the end of the day I have to remove them manually

Is there a way to prevent thsi from happing? Mabe this is a Windows setting, so I can controle it?
Unfortunaly I can not upload any screenshot which would clearify the situation

Cheers: Pum van der Lit

Welcome to the community, @Pum_van_der_Lit! :smiley: This is default Airtable behavior to create a new record when clicking on the space immediately below the last record. It’s not platform-specific. Even after using Airtable for a long time, I still accidentally hit that on occasion. From my experience, it just takes some time to get used to, and a little “training” to be careful when clicking.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for you quick reply!
So we have to live with it and on regular basis get rid if the meaningless records by deleting them.

Cheers: Pum van der Lit

That’s where the “training” that I mentioned above comes in; i.e. train yourself to avoid clicking in that space unless you want to make a new record. Every new piece of software has its learning curve, and learning to avoid accidental record creation is part of Airtable’s learning curve. By doing this, there shouldn’t be that many (if any) blank records to delete. If you do hit it by accident, just delete it right away. No sense in leaving it there for a batch-delete effort down the road.

Ok, thanks

No Worries

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