Automatic Tagging


If record is added under a given column, can it be automatically tagged?

For example,
If I add a “John” under a column titled “Founder” for the “Companies” table, can John be automatically tagged as a “Founder” under the “People” table (to which the “Companies” table is linked)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The best way to do this, I think is to create a record within a view that’s filtered.

So you can filter for example, by founder in a view. Any record you now add from that view will inherit this filtered value.

Hope that helps!


@andywingrave thanks for the reply.

That would work, but I’m adding the field in a different table - one which doesn’t have the tag within its infrastructure. The tag belongs to a linked table :confused:

@andywingrave Love this idea! This is a clever little trick for auto-entering data into fields! :slight_smile:

@gabriel Sadly, this trick won’t work across linked tables.

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This is why I tend to use script to create and sustain smart tagging.


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