Automatically assign next value from list

Hi helpful people,

I have a list of voucher codes. When someone fills out a form requesting a code, I’d like to update their record with the first unused code on my list.

I’m stuck on how to update an existing record with a value from another table. Could someone help me with that part, please?

Hi @Amy_Herman

What do you have so far (some screenshots are always helpful) and were exactly are you stuck?

Hi there,

I have one sheet with a long list of redemption code and a separate one with users. I am stuck on a formula to automate pulling a redemption code and assigning it to a user automatically when a third field on a separate sheet is true.

The use case is that I offer a redemption code for a store when someone attends a meeting. I have a sheet with members of my group, a separate linked one with attendance, and a third one with just the codes. Ideally, when I mark that someone has attended a meeting (manually), I can have an automation set up to email a code. The codes are unique which is why the automation needs to pull the first unused code.

Nope, I’m stuck here. Maybe someone more experienced than me will have a solution with Airtable functionality, or else it will probably need a scripting solution of some sort.