Automatically changing data based on dates?

Hey there,

I’m using Airtable as a project tracker, and right now I have a field for “currently assigned to” and “historically assigned to”, that links my team table to my project table in the same record.

The projects also have start and end dates, which I’m currently using to populate gantt charts to visualize which projects are active, and who’s committed to what.

Something else I’d really like to do is automatically change someone from “currently assigned to” a project, to “historically assigned to,” once that project is over (ie, once either the ‘delivered by’ date or ‘end date’ is in the past).

Is this possible?

Not directly through Airtable, you would need to use Zapier or Integromat to find records which have {End Dates} filled out, copy the value of {Currently Assigned To} to {Historically Assigned To}, and then delete the value from {Currently Assigned To}.

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