Automatically copy Records

Hi - new here - this is probably an easy question. I did search the forums but perhaps not using the correct terminology.

I am trying to create an aggregate view summarizing data from a form people are filling out on a website.

They are selecting from a dropdown indicating their geographical location - there are 40 or so selections to choose from.

I then want to count all the people that choose a particular region and display that data

People who chose A = 23
People who chose B= 16
and so on…

I am close…I have created a linked table based on the selection - problem is that the drop down field can only be a dropdown field (field A) - I cannot also link that field to the new table displaying the aggregate data.

So my solution was to make a new field (field B) in the initial table and link that - it works, but only if I manually copy the value from field A to field B.

So my question is - when someone fills out the form online, how to I make the Table automatically copy the entry from field A to field B to summarize the data.

Please and thanks!


If you want only see the Counter, you can Group By that Location field, that automatically shows a counter in the group.

If not, I think you should use Zapier to automate the coping of the values between the 2 fields.

Thanks for the reply Elias! trying just to summarize and not show the primary field (last name) in this case…maybe Zapier is what I need to do - one more system to learn, I thought this would be simple!



Can you elaborate on why the dropdown field cannot be a linked field? Functionally, aside from colour-coding, a linked field should be able to serve in exactly the same role as a dropdown.

However, if the concern is privacy, the other thing you can do is convert the primary field to a formula, and have it copy the region field (Airtable is okay with non-unique primary field data, which is a mixed blessing). That way, you can summarize based on groups and simply hide the columns with personally identifying information when sharing/embedding.

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What you mean? You can collapse Groups so you only see the group criteria (Locations in this case), the Counter, and the Fields you haven’t hidden.

can i perhaps share my tables with you so you can see what I’m trying to do? perhaps I am over-complicating it.


Yeah, share it!

My challenge is in the first table (Signed Petition) making the Single Select fields “Type of Organization” and “Co-op Membership” copy into “Membership Copied” and “Type Copied” so that I can make the new tables “Aggregate Individuals” and “Aggregate Type” update automatically as people sign the petition.

Hope this makes sense - thank YOU!


Those copied fields ("Membership Copied” and “Type Copied”) are used with a “Link to another record field” to create the new table if not obvious

how can it be both? it seems like when I click on the header and go into Customize Field Type I do not have an option to choose both…

Elias did you by chance have a moment to look at this? Very appreciated…


I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

If you want only to count Petitions by Type Of Organization, you could Group them. Also, as @Andy_Lin said, you could convert it to a Linked Record field, so in the new Types Of Organizations table you would have linked the petitions, and you could add a Count field to every type.

Explain in plain words what do you want to achieve, please.

Ok here goes.

People are going to sign our petition (embedded Airtable form). They will of course indicate a variety of info on it and then it will dump into our DB

We would like to display that aggregate info on the next page of the website, to show people how many (not necessarily who) has signed, what type of signers from what territories, etc. We would like to display that on a table like this: and like this:

So collecting the info is straight forward, but where I am getting stumped is how to get the data to collect properly in the table “Aggregate Individuals.” I want a total number of people who have signed per Co-op Membership. They part where I am stuck is in getting a total number of signers. I don’t necessarily want to display all the peoples names.

So I created a linked table (Aggregate Individuals) based on the field Co-op membership which does aggregate the names like I want, but where I am stumped is getting the total number of signers.

When the Co-Op Membership field is configured as a “drop down” it does not seem like I can also make it a “Link to another record” where I can aggregate. So I created the field “Membership Copied” which is a Link to table “Aggregate Individuals.” But I cannot figure out how to make this field automatically pull the data from the “CO-OP Membership” drop-down field.

Like wise once the table “Aggregate Individuals” is created I cannot figure out how to automatically update the “Total signed” field based on number of entries in the “Signed Petition” field.

I hope this makes at least half-sense.

Thank you so much for looking at this


Why? You can configure it as Linked Record, and it converts automatically, creating the new Table and Records. The other idea I have is to copy the Single Select value to the “copied field” value (Linked Record) with Zapier, so you have the link in the aggregate table.

Because it can’t be both a drop-down to select and a Linked Record?

If you would like to simply automate a copy/paste process, we’ve built a tool that allows to do that.

Copy Value from One Airtable Field to Another