Automatically duplicate rows based on information in form

I’ve created a basic form that allows users to request documents to be created, the form asks for basic information – their name, department information, contact info, etc. As part of the form they can request how many documents to be created. If they request 4 documents to be created, I want 4 rows to be added to the base table, copying all of the information in the form–just doing it 4 times.

In the table, the almost all the columns should be duplicated with the name, department, contact info, etc, BUT, I have 2 columns that allow for the auto increment of document numbers.

Could you provide me with details on how to automatically duplicate rows based on the information provided in a form?


Welcome to the community, @Novita_Rogers! :smiley: Airtable doesn’t have any features that allow for automatic duplication of records. To pull this off, you’ll need to use one or more third-party tools.

If your base is in a Pro workspace, you can add a redirect URL to the form (including the record ID placeholder) that calls a webhook in either Zapier or Integromat, which would read the record to see how many documents to create, and create the records appropriately in Airtable.

If you don’t have a Pro workspace account, you would need to rebuild a new version of your existing form using a third-party tool like Jotform, which would then call either Zapier or Integromat to make the requested number of documents.

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