Automatically figure out household #s in a Client Database

In our Client Database (for a small non-profit), we have a client table with all their information. If I have a field for each of their children (Child #1 Name, Child #2 Name, etc) - is there a way to create another field and use a formula to look and see if there is information in each Child field and if there is, add up the number of fields with information.

I have been trying to use COUNTALL or an IF formula and I can’t get it to work.


Have you tried a roll-up or just a lookup?

Thanks for giving me something to try! I’m trying them (again) today. But what I’m seeing is:
Roll-up and Lookup links to records in a different table. And, how I’m understanding it, it only looks at one Field (column) in that linked table. I want it to look at (up to 8) mulitple fields. And right now I have all that data in the same table.

Try this:

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Wow! I’m embarressed at how easy that was. It worked perfectly.

Thank you so much!!!

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No worries! We’ve all have those moments! That’s what the forum is for!