Automatically import bank transactions


I use Airtable to help manage my personal & business accounting needs (instead of a dedicated accounting software like Mint, QuickBooks, or Wave) because I have full customization of the platform.

The biggest trouble with using Airtable to track my finances is that I have to manually enter each “transaction.” If Airtable used a 3rd party service like Yodlee to allow users to import their bank transactions automatically it would a very useful feature.

At that point, the only other feature Airtable would need to truly make it a fully customizable alternative to Mint or QuickBooks would be “reporting tools” but somebody already made that feature request.

Other than the lack of reporting tools, The


I pay 5/month for a service called that imports all my transactions into a google sheet. From there I use zapier to get them into airtable.

Late reply, but hope it helps if you haven’t found a solution.


Thanks Tim!

I’ll certainly check out tillerhq. I’ve been using the debit card from Square Cash recently to solve this problem (bc it allows you to get email/sms alerts which I can easily add to Airtable) but It sounds like tillerhq would make it easier to work with traditional banks. :+1: