Automatically linking records by date

The Background: My kid’s school needed a Daily Health Survey that parents/faculty/staff/volunteers need to fill out every day, and I said I would help and now I’m stuck. I created a JotForm which dumps data into an Airtable base, and I use automations to create one big table that has all the individual pieces in it.

The raw data goes here:
The automations create this:

The Problem: the principal of the school would like to be able to print out a sheet of paper every day that has the names of the students/faculty/staff/volunteers on it and their clearance statuses. So:

Pablo Picasso - Cleared
Zoey Beckmann - Not Cleared

This is a great use for the Page Designer Block (I think), but in order for me to do that, I need to figure out a way to automatically link all of the records for each date to a single record in another table, and that’s where I’m stuck.

Any advice? Thanks so much.

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We made an Airtable extension to solve this problem:

You can create a view in your linked table that has a filter so that it only includes the records with the dates you want. Then, the tool will automatically link those records to a record that you can use the Page Designer Block on.


One of the winners from the recent Blocks Contest was “Link Records by Fields” by Patrick Sier.

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Thank you so much!!!

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