Automatically Matching Products in One Table With Client Needs in Another

I am attempting to set up a system that auto populates products for a client based on what they are looking for. I have one table with client information and their needs and another with a list of products and their information. For example, if a client submits a form stating they have a budget of $100 and are looking to buy in City A, only products in that price range and city will show up! You could obviously go through manually filter the products per client, I am curious if anyone has automated this process. The ideal situation is to have either a separate table or a field in our client info table that auto populates products that match what our clients are looking for. I appreciate any responses and I am happy to clarify if I failed to explain what I am looking for!

Welcome to the community, Chris! :smiley: This kind of logic is beyond the scope of Airtable’s native features. To pull this off, you (or someone you hire) will need to either write some custom code using Airtable’s API to match clients to products and add the links between the [Clients] and [Products] tables (guessing names), or perhaps use an integration service like Zapier or Integromat to do the job. If you would like some help in either case, let us know.