Automatically naming an Attachment


Hello everyone, I’ve had a look on the forums and haven’t found a mention of this, but is it possible to have air table automatically rename attachments.

For example. If I have a record named Ross and there are four images attached for those images to be named renamed ROSS-1.jpg, ROSS-2.jpg, ROSS-3.jpg,

Thanks so much!



It might be possible to pull this off with the help of Zapier or Integromat, though I’m still new to those services, so I’m not 100% sure if either of them will let you rename attachments.



Hi @Ross_Campbell

If you are interested to go the route of Integtomat, there is a Facebook group that you can post questions. I find that it’s cheaper then Zapier.

Here is the link:

Take a look and see what you think.




@M_k That link is to the Facebook home page optimized for mobile, not directly to the group to which you referred. A quick search led me to this:

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Also searching for a solution to automatically rename attachments. The filename should be generated from other fields content.