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I’m new to AT, so I’m just feeling my way.

I have a base recording bookings we get from schools who want to visit us. I send a school who wants to come to us a link to a booking form view that they fill in themselves to create a new booking record initially. Once they have done that we add bits and pieces of data behind the scenes.

One of the things we need to do is book staff against the school booking, but that is something someone else takes care of. Previously I would have manually completed a form in Word and mailed it to my colleague as a prompt to book staff, but I am hoping Airtable can make this process unnecessary. I would like to be able to have myself and my colleague automatically emailed when we get a new booking added by a school via the form, to prompt her to look at the staffing requirements. She is the owner of the workspace the base is in, but can I add her as a collaborator to every record in this base automatically and have AT ping us both an email to say ‘a new booking has come in, please take a look at it and book the required staff against it’?

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Yes, at the bottom of the form view is an option that each one of you can enable to receive an email notification when the form is submitted.

FYI, the way Airtable handles this is very odd:

  1. Each collaborator manages THEIR OWN form email notifications. You can enable/disable form email notifications for yourself, but you can’t enable/disable form email notifications for anybody else.

  2. There is no “master list” of email addresses anywhere that lets you see all the collaborators who have enabled form email notifications for themselves. So there is no way to see a list of everyone who has enabled notifications. Each collaborator must log into their account, go to the form view, and check for themselves if email notifications are turned on for their account.

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