Automatically populate cells based on other fields in the same row


I’m using Airtable to track leads in my company.

Using a form view, my salespeople add interactions to a table. One of the first things they click on is a date field where they put the current date and time.

I would love to have a column at the end of the row titled Next Contact Date that would use a rule like =Contact Date + 15 days.

Is there any way to do that I’ve missed, or is this kind of thing on the roadmap?


Ignore me I’ve solved this!

Though I have spotted something that needs fixing:

The Date Added column on the left is manually inputted, the column on the right uses the formula DATEADD({Date Added}, 10, ‘day’).

However, the column on the right is not inheriting the calendar formatting from the column on the left. (I’ve set it as European on the left column, but the formula column defaults to the U.S. style with no way to modify)

This will be very confusing, especially on days that fall between the 1st and 12th of the month.


This link might help you:

Have a look at the function named DATETIME_FORMAT


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