Automatically Set Start Date

I have a project schedule. When I change the end date on Task 1, I want it to automatically adjust the start date for Task 2. Is this possible via an automation somehow?

In the example I added, the highlighted field would become 5/5/2022.


Hi Cady. I generally don’t use links between records in a table (I realize that most of my users would not be diligent at keeping them correct), but they would allow you to do what you want. You would have 1) a new link field that links the current task to the next and 2) a new “next task start date” formula field (1 day after “Est. Comp. Date”) that uses “Est. Comp. Date” and DATEADD.

The automation would use a record updated trigger that looks at your “Start Date” & “Days to complete” fields. Then, a conditional action that checks the length of your new link field (i.e. there’s a next task) to make sure it’s “1” before performing an update record action using the record id of the record in the link field from the trigger. The update will be to the “Start Date” field that gets set to the trigger record new “next start date” formula field.

I know that sounds complicated and it is, but it should work. I will explain further if you’d like.

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