Automatically updating field


Hello Airtablers!

Newbie question here and I’m just starting to use formula and other awesome stuff sortable offers.

Basically I need to create a counter (like cups of coffee, lines of code, etc) that auto updates every hour for example and increases the base count by any number we define.

I’m guessing there should be a formula I write to check time and if time is more than 59 minutes, add rand value (recalling my excel days) between 5-9 to the base number.

To illustrate:
Hour 1: Lines of code - 100
Hour 2: Lines of code - 107(Increase of 7 from above)
Hour 3: Lines of code - 112(Increase of 5 from above)

I’m using this in a site built with table2site.

All help is truly appreciated!


I’m pretty sure that you can’t do this natively in Airtable - the closest you could get is to make the value a random number multiplied by the hours since hour 1 for example (plus the base figure). This is because you are wanting to add a figure to the previous value in the field.

You could achieve this in either Zapier or Integromat - here is an Integromat example.

  1. The first step in the Scenario would be to Search for Records (from your table). Set this to run once an hour.

  1. The second step is to update the record(s) found in the first step:

Depending on your account you could even make this only operate between certain times of the day. Also you could have another ‘scenario’ running daily which would reset the figure.


Thanks a ton, Julian. Got to learn how to think like this. Figuring out with zapier now…Really appreciate your help!