Automating Data Input in One Table and Having it Change Data in Another

Hello all!

I am working on a project where I am inputting data that we collect into one table based around different areas we collect from and how many days it took to collect data. In the other table, I have been manually updating the rate of collection. It is structured by: Column 1 - Date Data Collected (with some repeat dates as multiple collections happen in a single day sometimes), Column 2 - Single Selection Dropdown of the Area Collected From, and then another Column - Data Points Collected. With these columns, is it possible to update data in another table that has a list of all the offices in one column and their estimated rate of collection in another column based on new data input into the first table.

I hope this makes sense and thank you for your help!


the same as

If so, then instead of a Single Select field you should be using a Link to Record field and Lookups.

You cannot arbitrarily say “a change in Table 1 should affect a change in Table 2” in Airtable. Either you have to link your records together (recommended, as that’s how Airtable is designed) or set up one or more Automations.

Okay so linked fields and automations will be how I need to proceed.

Thank you!

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