Automating data organisation in Airtable from Typeform


I am building a recruitment startup utilising referrals of candidates. I currently have several Typeforms which either a referee or a candidate would fill in. On completion, the specific parties data is sent to the associated table in Airtable. I have manually linked these tables together, however I want to avoid this manual step if I can. There are two things I am struggling to achieve:

Firstly, I want the candidate data on the candidate table to automatically know when their associated referee has completed their reference (and vice versa) and link the two profiles together. I assume this could be done by crossmatching some data set.

Secondly, I have a stage column indicating what stage the candidate or referee is at in the process (currently this depends on which Typeform they complete). What I would like Airtable to do is automatically understand which stage either party are at and auto-assign a suitable stage in the column.

Any help from the gurus out there would be hugely appreciated!