"Automating" linked records - ideas?


One feature I really miss in Airtable is automatically linking records. I know that I can manually link records, but I really need (OK, want) automation to do this. I’m wondering if experienced Airtable users have any advice to offer.

Simplified use case: I’ve built a Quantified Self app in Airtable that uses IFTTT and Zapier (when necessary) to move data from the collecting app (Todoist, Strava, FitBit, etc) to app-specific tables. The data is ALWAYS timestamped.

I also have a table of Monthly KPIs, where I set goals and measure progress. The Monthly KPIs table has twelve records: January, February, March, etc. To aggregate the data I am manually linking records from each app-specific table to the appropriate “month” record in the Monthly KPI table. I do this in order to bring the goals and the KPI data into the same table, where it can be analyzed and visualized using Blocks (which, I believe, can only take one table as a data source).

On a per table basis, I can use Zapier to achieve automatic linking. The two-step Zap is triggered by a new record, extracts the month from the new record’s timestamp and writes it back to a linked record field. But my paid Zapier account is already near the max zap limit and I can’t do this for every data table I have.

Any suggestions for a workaround? API hack? Blockscript? Zapier alternative? Thanks, in advance!