Automating on-boarding and employee check-ins

I see there is a template for employee on-boarding, however I’m also interested in automating 30-60-90 day reviews/check-ins. As we add employees I would like to have an automation notifying the employee and HR when they hit these milestones. What is the best way to accomplish this goal? Thank you.

Assuming each employee has a unique start date, use three formula fields that add the appropriate number of days to their start date. I.e.

DATEADD({Start Date}, 30, 'days')

Then set up 3 automations that trigger when “30/60/90 Day Notice formula is today”.

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Thanks Kamille,

I found this formula in a different post…

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Live Date},‘days’) > 30, ‘Trigger Reminder’)

Really confused when it comes to knowing which formula is best and how to construct them. Any tips / suggestions on where to learn how to create my own formulas?