Automating Rollup

Hello I need some help with the Rollup,

I have two tables: Points Tracker and Members

In the Points Tracker table, there are 3 columns: Member Email, Event Name, Points.
Whenever someone joins an event, we get their email and the name of the event that they joined and based on the event name they got different points. Same people can join multiple events and collect points from each event such as:

first - Event1 - 15 Points
second - Event1 - 15 Points
first - Event 2 - 10 Points

The Members table has two columns: Member Email and Points
What I’m trying to do is to feed the Members table back with the sum of the Points a member got looking at the Points Tracker table: - 25 Points

I used Roll Up in the Members table but I need to manually select the related records anytime there is a new record in the Points Tracker table. For example, in order to deduct 25 points for the first member, I manually selected - Event1 - 15 Points and - Event 2 - 10 Points.

Is there a way to automate this (with or without scripts) so that whenever there is a new record in Points Tracker with the email of the first member it automatically updates the total points the first member got in the Members table?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @ATOLYE_Global!

In your Members table, is Member Email the primary field?

If so, this could be accomplished extremely easily. Just create a linked record field in the Points Tracker table that links to your Members table.

Then, whenever a new record is added to the Points Tracker table, just automate the process of the email address either appearing in (or automatically copying & pasting into) the Linked Record field.

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No, primary field was an autonumber field defined as “ID” but I changed it to “Member Email” and configured the automation you mentioned. It worked perfectly and solved other problems I was having as well.

Thank you for your answer! @ScottWorld


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