Automation Across Tables in one sourcebase

As of now, automation triggers are limited to one table. Is it possible we could have multiple table sources, doing the same automation, and the outputs are in one or multiple tables as well?

For example: generating an assistant ID

We have different sources of assistants per table. And we have a table that is a masterlist of all the assistant IDs. Instead of having to automate separately for different tables doing the same thing, is there a way that multiple tables can be chosen (or specific views per table) and theyd all flow into the masterlist table that we have?


Not directly, no. You could have one Automation per table, where each Automation has a Run a script action that activates an Airtable Automation for the real or main Automation that does what you want.

Also, any time I see someone say “we have multiple tables in a base all feeding into one table in the same base” I am compelled to ask “why are all these different tables, not views”? You may have a much simpler time using views than tables.


Thanks for this! For now, we have multiple data sources (that come from external forms too) that’s why they’re in multiple tables. I’ll try to see if there can be two airtable forms in one table bec that would save me a lot of time for the automation limitation.

You can have a bunch of Airtable forms per table, and I’d bet your external forms can feed into the same table as well as long as they’re not set up to do any data collisions. If all forms are just inserting new records then you should be fine.

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