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I’m trying to create an automation on Zapier or Airtable:

Table 1 View 1 : All my Candidate Onboarded
Table 2 View 3 : Job description Published

I’d like to create an automation when a job description is published (table 2), send an email to the candidate who matches with “Expertise 1” or “Expertise 2” or “Expertise 3” of the Job description (table 2) is the same as “Expertise 1”(main expertise) or “Expertise 2” or “Expertise 3” of the candidate (table 1).


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First of all you have to link the tables with each other. Then you can create the automation in Airtable with no using Zapier. You will set up the trigger in the table where you make the update.
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I have 3 tables :
-Expertise (all with link to record)

each candidate profile has 3 expertise completed maximum
each job description has 3 expertises completed maximum

In my example, i’d like that Job A would be send to Candidate X, Y & W

Job B to candidate Z…

how can I :

  • send an automatic email to CANDIDATES having at least one of its expertise matching with at least one expertise listed in the JOB DESCRIPTION posted by Clients ?


Hi @Emma ,

this is not a common Airtable table, so I can’t think a solution for you. Do you have the same case in Airtable tables?

The big difference is that you have put a 2 dimension tables while in Airtable we use column based tables…

A screenshot with fake data would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @Dimitris_Goudis

The idea is just to match “EXPERTISES” from a Job Description published by a Project Owner with “EXPERTISES” of Candidates Profiles from our database.

Then send an automatic email to relevant candidates when there is a match on EXPERTISE.

Thks :slight_smile:

Hi @Anthony_Berthon ,

ok so you most probably have one table=“Job description” and this is where a Project Owner stores information for job descriptions.

You also have a second one with the name “Candidates profiles” where you store all the given by candidate information.

Then you want match candidates with job descriptions based on the “expertise” field which is common in both cases, right?

To do this you have to create a “linked to” field in “Job description” tab. This field will be linked to the “Candidates tab” and in this you can request the “Expertises” from there. On this filed you can run lookup to return the candindate’s name.

Please check the solution text us back for the results. :slight_smile:

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