Automation: Checkbox marked in one table which would mark checkbox in separate table

Hello, I’m a bit new to Airtable and have recently been struggling with setting an automation between two separate tables. There are duplicate Unique Identifiers in each table and I was trying to configure a way that when one item in “Table A” was checked off as ‘received’ it would auto fill the checkbox for the same item in “Table B”. Currently I’m running into issues from being told “unable to render field referenced in this action’s output because they no longer exist in the selected table” but what is being listed is still in my table. I’m at a loss right now as I’ve tried to create an automation for When a record matches conditions, When record created, and When record updated. Thank you for any help!

Why are these separate tables? Are they in the same base?

They are in two separate tables/tabs in the same base because they are container #s. One tab is for Inbound Tracking and the other tab is for an overview of all the shipping packets that are inside the containers. The Container #s are listed in different orders in the tables.

So neither records from Table A nor Table B are “containers”, but are both associated with Containers?

In that case, add the Checkbox field to your Containers table and use Lookup fields in Table A and B to automatically update.

If you are using a unique identifier in multiple tables and aren’t linking those together using that identifier, you probably should be.

Thank you for your help! I appreciate all the advice and will look into this

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