Automation combining diffrent lists


I have an automation running once everyday.
It will find the last updated records and post a list of thoses records in slack with their URLs.

I am trying to combine both of it for a better formating without luck.

At the moment, the message looks like this :
4 records were updated.

A, B, C ,D


I’m trying to make it look like so :
4 records were updated :





Thank you for anyone able to help me out.


Hi @Alex_9 ,

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We need to see a screenshot of the automation (or preferably the base) so we can help you better.

One way would be to make a formula field with the required data and it would be what is sent in Slack.

Thank you for you answer.

Here are screenshots of the automation, and the slack message script :

Automation finds all records where the last updated time is less than 24h.

Lenth of record is the number of updated record pulled from the result of the “find record” action.
List of aircraft makes a list, separated by comas, of all the records first field pulled form the “find record” action.
List of airtable url is a list of url pointing to each matching records.

I didn’t find an option to insert a formula in the field for Slack ?

You cannot insert a formula in the automation directly, the formula has to be done in the table first.

Then you would get the record URL (expand the record and click on the link button on the top right corner to copy it). Paste it a formula field, remove the record ID part (which is the end of the url)

the formula will be something like this

{Airtcraft}&" "&(URL you pasted after removing the record id)&Record_ID()

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