Automation creates 2 records instead of 1

Hi community - I have a really simple automation configured that when a form is submitted to the “Onboarding” table 2 records are created. 1 - A contact in the People table is created (works fine from form details only 1 record created) 2 - An Organization is created in the Organizations table. Here is the problem I get 2 Organizations created, 1 with no values except the Organization name, the second record has all the values from the form.

I have disabled automations & submitted the Onboarding form & only the single Onboarding record is created. I then enable the automation & suddenly 2 records in the Organization table are created.

I have attached screenshots of the record creation steps in the automation. I cannot see a duplication in the automation process.

I took any Integromat/Form software third party scenarios out of the equation & use a native Airtable form & it still duplicates the new Organization record.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers Brad

Hi @Brad_Legassick - I’m not sure how you are doing this with a native Airtable form, but I can see you are creating the org in the first create record action (for Person):

This will create a new record in the linked table, but will only populate the name or primary field.

On your second action you are creating the company again with all of the detail.

I haven’t tested this out, but I think it might work if you reverse the order of actions, i.e. create the company first, then the person. The value you pass to the company field on the person action would then be an existing company and so might just link instead of create.

Or, create the company first, then pass the ID of this new record to the company field on the person create.

Hi @JonathanBowen thanks for your response. I fixed it by using your advice, just changed it a little. I create the Person but don’t assign an organization to them. Then in the Create Organization step I pass the person created as the Primary contact. All the links are working & only 1 org is now created. Thnks

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