Automation Emails with Record Grid that links to the referenced Records

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We use email automation to send emails include a grid with records in the email body. How do I include a link to those records in the grid so that email recipients with Airtable accounts can click the referenced record and immediately be taken to the correct record to update?


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You will need to create another field on your grid, which is a formula field that equals the URL for that record.

If you expand one of your records, you will see that its URL looks something like this:

The URL shows the app ID, the table ID, the view ID, and the record ID.

So create a formula that matches everything but the record ID, and then for the record ID, use the function RECORD_ID()

So your final formula would look something like this:

"" & RECORD_ID()

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@ScottWorld Thanks for the welcome and the quick help. The new formula worked perfectly, except that RECORD_ID() returns “recXXXXXXX”. So the final formula is:”& RECORD_ID()

Once I reran a test of the Find records step of the Automation, the links worked perfectly. Thanks again!

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Oh, haha!! Thanks for the correction!! :stuck_out_tongue: And glad that it worked!

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