Automation error: "An attachment url is disallowed" when run automatically

Hello everybody,

I have a weird problem with a gmail automation. When testing the automation works perfectly. The automation looks for a field value that is greater than 4 and then the actions are run.

When manually changing the a value in the record that is used for the automation to a value greater than 4 the automation also runs perfectly.

But when the automation its run automatically I suddenly get the following error in the logs:

It doesn’t make any sense that this automation suddenly throws errors when it is run automatically, but every other way of running it works fine. Also, when this same automation is run again manually it just works…

Someone any idea what’s going on?

Hi Thimo,

I had exactly the same problem. In my case I think it was down to the automation attempting to send the email before the previous step had completed the upload of the attachment that took place in a script that I was running. To resolve the issue I created a new job to run after the previous one had finished, and a small time had elapsed to allow all of the file uploads to complete, that then changed the status to kick off the email send instead. This looks like it has fixed the problem.

Hope this helps.



Hi Chris, thank you for your message!

This may also be the case for me, but I couldn’t find a solution for it back then. I ended up using the Airtable triggers in Zapier to recreate this automation and that worked perfectly! Also good to hear that you found another solution :slight_smile: