Automation error: "Message" could not be converted to a string

I’m trying to create a simple automation where a slack message is sent when updates are made to a specific record and I get the error “Message could not be converted to a string”. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here but I went over the trigger and the message itself but nothing seems to help my cause.

For some added context:
There is an automation setup already (which works without any issues) that sends a slack message when the record is no longer empty. I am attempting to set an automation that sends a different message when the same record is updated with new values.
These fields are synced from an external table within the same workspace. Not sure if this is too many complications or if there is a way to work around it!

What types of fields are you trying to insert into the message?

I was trying to enter a formula field! Figured out the issue though, the test was running on a record that did not have any information populated hence the error.

Thanks for responding Justin!


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