Automation every week 10 records have been create

Hello and thank you for any future replies,

I need an automation that checks that every week 10 records have been created. If this is not the case, a slack push is sent.

I have no idea how to do this. Do you have an idea how to get me started?

Hi @Marceau_Savigny
I am happy to help.

I would need a little more information to point you down the right path.

Do you just want to count if 10 records were created, no matter what they contain?
Do they contain specific information?
Are they created by specific people?
What happens if more than 10 records are created?

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Thanks for your answer.

  1. Yes, I need to count of 10 recors were created, no matter what they contain.
  2. No specific information
  3. Created by anyone
  4. We don’t care if more than 10 are created. We need at least 10 record created.

Thanks !

Thank you for the reply.

Here is one way to go about it.

Create a new column that is type Created Time
Create a new View that is filtered to Created Time is within past week name it: This Week (this can be adjusted for however many days you consider a week)
Create an Automation to trigger at a scheduled time. Lets say every 1 week at 1800 starting on June 3 (this Friday, again this can be adjusted to when you want the action to run)
In the Action, choose Find Records, choose your table, choose View, This Week
Add a Conditional Action, If Records from step 2, Length < 10
Add the conditional action to send Slack as you want it.
Maybe you want to add another conditional action if there are 10 or more records.

Now every week on Friday eve, the automation will look at the This Week view, and count if there are less than 10 items.

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Works perfectly, thanks mate !

Appreciate !

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