Automation field collaborators

I can’t update the collaborators field when creating a new record, I want to add collaborators by default. how can i do that?

I’m able to update Collaborator fields. What are you putting in for the field value? It should work if you pass in the full name.

Are you asking how to have a certain field auto-populated with collaborators when creating a new record?

When new record is created, I want to add collaborators automatically (update the collaborator field).
In the automation configuration, I do not see any collaborate to choose, and if I type them manually, it does not let me activate the automation

Are you typing in the name of a collaborator exactly as it appears in their account, without any quotation marks?

yes, I added the collaboratos with a comma. It already worked, thank you very much for your help, I missed adding the record ID in the previous step.