Automation -- field not transferring correctly

I am having trouble with an automation from one table to another in what seems like a straight forward process. The automation is working perfectly for all fields except one. The “problem” source field is a single select with the options “Baseline”, “Follow-Up”, and “No”.

The automation includes pulling various fields, including this one, into another table. Here is the automation:

Finally, the source table is set up as a single select as well. However, when I run the automation, everything pulls in correctly except for this field, which pulls jibberish “selDYGV9dF4xJSlWi” instead of the text from the original table, which should read “Baseline”.

All troubleshooting advice welcomed!

selXXXXXX... is the syntax for a select option’s unique id, therefore it would seem you chose to insert ID of the previous step’s select option instead of the select option’s name. Change your automation to pull in the value of {Concept 1 / Was this activity...}'s name, not its ID.