Automation for sending csv exports to Slack channel at scheduled times?


Is it possible to automate this?

  1. Export csv from Airtable view
  2. Send exported csv to Slack channel once a month

Yes. (more text that serves no other purpose than to allow me to post this answer)

The ability to automatically create CSV files is not natively built into Airtable, so you’d have to look into alternative options.

I’m not sure if scripting could accomplish this for you — the scripting experts would need to chime in on that one.

But you could automatically send records to Slack as a list of records embedded into the message itself, although that would likely be overwhelming if you have a lot of records.

This support article explains more, and it even has a little animated GIF on this page to show you which options to choose:

Otherwise, to automatically create a CSV file, you could turn to an external tool like MiniExtensions, which can automatically generate a CSV file on a schedule for you. However, the resulting CSV file doesn’t get put into Slack… it becomes accessible at a static URL. The URL doesn’t change, so you can continually reference the same URL (but the contents of the CSV file will change):

But for the ultimate control over creating a CSV file and then uploading it into Slack, you would likely need to turn to an automation tool like Integromat, which offers CSV and Slack integrations:

If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant & Integromat Expert+ Partner to help you with any of these options, please feel free to contact me through my website:

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I’m laughing because these two responses show off the two personalities so well.

Scripting can convert an Airtable view to CSV data. However, if you want to send the CSV data as an attachment to Slack, you cannot do that without third party tools.

  • Airtable scripting cannot create a new file by itself.
  • The Slack automation does not have a method for attaching a file to the message itself (although it could include a link to a file).


Also, I just thought of another idea. This might possibly be the best way to approach this!

Instead of creating a CSV file, you might want to consider just publicly sharing the view with your team by using the “view sharing” feature of Airtable.

Then, they can download their own CSV files from that view!


Thank you!! Glad we have some options; that will help us start somewhere.

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