Automation help - seems simple!

Reaching out to this amazing community again… I have read/watched the help topics on this, and I can not get it to work.

I want to send an email when the “category” of a horse changes from Vet Hold to Under Evaluation - most importantly, I need to include the name of the horse.

For some reason, no matter what horse I move from Vet Hold to Under Evaluation, the system populates the email with the same horse “Hawkeye” every time.

This seems like the most basic automation based on the other questions out there - can anyone provide advice?

Humbly (as this exercise has definitely humbled me),

Can you post some screen shots of your automation? Thanks.

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Have you actually turned the Automation on, or are you still hitting “Test” on the action steps? Tests always pull from the same test trigger record.


That was it!! THANK YOU!!


Thanks Chris - looks like I simply needed to turn the automation on. Have a great day!