Automation - If record matches condition then update record

Hi, everyone!

I’m using Airtable as my inventory management app.
My idea is when an item gets 0 Stock Quantity - I want it to be removed from an assigned location which is a linked table.

From what I understand, I should setup an automation like If record matches condition (If record ID Stock Quantity is = 0) action will be to update the item location.

However, I don’t understand the choices on the Field part. What does “Make list of” and “length” means and where is the part here to select the options from the linked table?

Here’s a video of my screen

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Your linked record field stores information internally as an array, which is a computer term for a list.

If you want to completely unlink any/all records in the linked record field, simply leave the field value blank.

The options for the list exist in case you want to do something with the existing list linked records.

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