Automation limit increase 🤩

Hi all - I hope your week is off to a great start. Wanted to share an exciting update from the Airtable team that as of today default automation limits have been increased from 25 to 50 automations :tada:

This will be fully rolled out today. If you aren’t seeing the changes, make sure to clear your cache.

Additional resources:

I also wanted to share that the team is beta testing the ability for the community to subscribe to the Airtable What’s New base so that you can stay up to date as documentation is published, or in the case that a formal announcement about a feature is not shared. You can opt-in here and if you have feedback for the team on how to make this more useful, here is the best place to share it. We hope this is helpful in keeping everyone up to date and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


This is awesome! :smiley::raised_hands::star::tada::rainbow::heart::confetti_ball::star2:


RSS feed for the Announcements: Announcements - Airtable Community Forum

Slack supports RSS feeds: Add RSS feeds to Slack | Slack


Thank you, @Jordan_Scott1 one of the best Airtable news of the year so far! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Wonderful! I’d just reached my limit and didn’t know it was there. I thought I was going to have to go through all my automation and somehow combine them so I had more to allocate to other things. It was quite hairy for a bit for me.

Is there any news if we can get more if we ever need them?

Thanks. It is. Hope your week is going great too.

Thank you so much for adding this info to the announcement.

This is a wonderful new update. I am also very happy to see that it is available for all plan level.s

Is the ability to add automation sections and re-arrange sections part of this update? I don’t see mention of these features in the support article or the whatsnew, but several people (myself included) are starting to see the ability to add automation sections and re-arrange sections, both of which are much needed features.

This is awesome. Thank you. :tada: :star_struck:


Heya, those new Automation Sections are too handy, thank you! I haven’t reached even 10 automation in each of my bases yet, but having sections that I can use and help manage the Automations I have is very useful. Thanks again!

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Just in time for one of my clients :muscle: Keep it coming Airtable :raised_hands:

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Great news! Keep up with the improvement cadence!

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Whilst we’re touching on Automation improvements - may I request Conditional Grouping for triggers? In thinking about this request, there’s probably a workaround where I can create a view based trigger, and use conditional grouping on the view… but still, having Conditional Grouping within the Automation would mean one less layer of obscurity.

In this example, this automation triggers when I upload a TXT file into Airtable, then it dumps the contents of that file into a Long Text, and many Formula Regex columns then parse the data for detail. The odd uploaded log may fail however, and I was hoping to easily add a manual override check-box field to trigger my existing Automation - however, as I can’t group the conditions, I have to think outside the box on how to re-gear this.

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Agreed. Agreed. Agreed!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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