Automation not identifying record ID

Record ID is not being detected by the automation tool.

I need to change a status of a record when another record is created.
But when I link them together it does not detect the ID and the error says the field is invalid.
I have other automations done the same way.

I am using “copy” tables so I don’t mess with my current data

Flow wanted:

The table that is going to be updated is “Control Modulos”

When record is created in Cosecha → Change status of linked record to “Disponible”

and then

When record is created in Paso Modulo → Change status of linked record to “En operacion”

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How is the link created? Manually, or is the link chosen via a form and applied when the record is created?

On a related note…

How are these new records created? Manually, or via a form?

The link is created by the link field

The records are created by a form

(Lote Grillo is a link to a Table and No Modulo is a link to the table that is giving me conflict)

If I’m reading you correctly, the form creates the new record, but you add the link to that record manually. Is that correct? If so, that explains why it’s not working. An automation using the “When record created” trigger will run at the very moment the record is created, when that link doesn’t yet exist. By the time you edit the record to make the link, the automation has already run.

To make this work, you’ll need to modify your trigger logic. Instead of “When record created,” you might consider using “When record matches conditions”, with one of the conditions being that the link field isn’t empty.

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Thanks for your help Justin, that was the issue!
¡Pura Vida! :v:t3:

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