Automation not pulling value from a text field

I’ve gotten all other fields to pull the correct info from Table A into Table B when triggered, but for some reason the simple text field is not pulling and showing up. Any ideas if this is a bug?

Welcome to the community, @Leslie_Davol! :smiley: I haven’t seen this behavior before, so it’s likely that something is amiss with how you’re trying to copy the data. Could you share more details about your automation setup?

Thanks! Attached are screen shots of Table A and B. The trigger is “when a new record is created in Table A.”

Then the action is supposed to be as follows:
It’s the “name” field (long text format) I’m having trouble with. It results in a value in Table B that is blank. Thanks again!

Thanks for the update. I only see one table’s screenshot at the top of your comment, but I get the gist of it from your description, and I think I know the reason why it’s not copying.

When you make the record, that {Project name} field is empty, therefore the automation has nothing to copy. Even though there’s a slight delay in the activation of the automation, and you’ve got a few seconds to enter something into the {Project name} field, the data that’s copied is the data from the record’s fields at the time that it triggers the automation, not the time that the automation actually runs.

Now, if your triggering record is created by a form, then everything would get copied over correctly because forms put all data into their respective fields at the moment the record is created, which means that data is available to any automation triggered by that record’s creation.

On a somewhat-related note, it looks like the new record that you make in [Table B] is linking to the triggering record from [Table A]. Is that correct? If so, you can use a lookup field to pull the value of {Project name} into that new linked record, and you wouldn’t need to worry about automation timing.


Makes sense I will take a look in a few minutes! Thanks! More soon.

Thank you! It is not actually linking, but now you’ve given me two ways to fix this problem so I can figure it out I think from here. Thanks again!

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